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Doc: Who do you think, the Libyans!

Marty: Holy shit!

Doc: I'll draw their fire!

Marty: Doc, wait!

Doc throws his gun down. They shoot him and he falls down on his back, dead.

Marty: No! Bastards!

The Libyans spot Marty and aim for him. Marty turns away, thinking it's the end. However the Libyan's gun is jammed, giving Marty enough time to get into the DeLorean - with the camera - and close the door. He drives off.

Libyan: Go! Go!

The Libyans start to chase Marty. The two vehicles travel around the mall parking lot, getting faster and faster.

Marty: C'mon, more, dammit.

Marty: Jeez. Holy shit.

Marty: Let's see if you bastards can do 90!

Who do you think (they are)? the Libyans!

He falls down on his back.

〈機械などが〉(物が詰まって)動かなくなる, つかえる

Holy shit! / Bastards! / dammit

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